The Mathematics curriculum encourages children to develop a deep and lasting conceptual and procedural mathematical understanding. Pupils are taught within the four key learning areas of Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics, ensuring a strong concept of Number while also developing depth and breadth across mathematical topics and other curriculum areas, such as Science, Geography and Computing.  It is through the approach of teaching mastery in Mathematics that pupils will develop deep thinking and resilience, providing all children with the opportunity to grow.

The teaching of Mathematics at Hampstead Parochial School is underpinned by methodical curriculum design that builds sequentially from year group to year group and is supported by carefully crafted lessons and resources that foster a deep level of mathematical understanding. We aim to ensure children are secure in their learning as well as encouraging them to apply this understanding to more challenging problems, selecting which method is most efficient.

As pupils work towards being able to apply their understanding in abstract form, they are also challenged through rich and sophisticated problems that combine different concepts and strands of the Mathematics curriculum. Seeking to reach mathematical solutions both independently and as a team allows children to challenge their own understanding and become independent learners. This provides them with the mathematical competence to succeed at secondary school and beyond.