At Hampstead Parochial, we aim to provide a rich and diverse curriculum where children explore a variety of text types, authors and writing outcomes.

For each writing outcome, classes use a high-quality text that links to their theme. This allows children to explore a wide range of vocabulary, writing styles and variety of authors. The texts taught across each year group can be found here.

Within each writing unit, children will develop their key writing skills (transcription, handwriting and presentation, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation). They will be supported to build upon prior knowledge and learning new skills, whilst also developing as clear and accurate writers. Throughout their time at Hampstead Parochial, children will be given plenty of opportunity to write fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Allowing children to become fluent and confident writers.

Our grammar builds progressively from year group to year group, children will learn how to embed it effectively in writing. This coincides with our progression of spelling, where children learn Phonics in EYFS and Year 1, and then learn spelling rules from Year 2 to 6. From Year 1, a set of spellings is sent home weekly for children to learn, these are tested weekly and used to support spelling within writing.

Our Writing progression map can be found here.

To celebrate writing across the school we annually do a whole school writing challenge. We link this to our local community, and it allows the whole school to come together with a shared focus.